After this topic you will never use shampoo

Who does not wash her hair with shampoo twice or three times a week? Definitely no one! However, frequent use of shampoo may spoil and hurt your hair. You should replace the shampoo with shampoo or replace the normal shampoo with homemade shampoo, made from natural, nourishing and non-chemical substances.
MistyNet advises you to stay away from shampoos for the following reasons:

1. Increase chemicals: One of the main reasons why you avoid shampoo use is the desire to reduce the use of chemicals that hurt the skin. Shampoos contain sulfates, which are the basis of industrial detergents and fat removal, and are very dangerous to the scalp, especially if used more than twice a week. This may destroy the scalp, as well as parabens and methyl, which are also harmful chemicals. Therefore, doctors are advised not to wash hair more than twice a week shampoo.
2. Increase hair wrinkle: Hair needs to maintain the pH level. Shampoo works to increase the levels of acidity in the scalp, which increases the curvature of the hair; this is what makes the hair look shiny after the use of shampoo.
3. Dry hair and low humidity in it:The use of shampoos often leads to dry hair and low moisture levels. Shampoo removes all the natural oils produced by the scalp to get healthy, moist hair.
4. Change the color of dyed hair: Sulfur in the shampoo will fade the color of dyed hair, so you should use the shampoo of dyed hair, when you dye your hair, to keep your hair color for the longest time.
5. Frequent itching and scalp irritation: The chemicals found in the shampoo work on the scalp dryness, leading to itching, redness and irritation of the scalp .