Soft Hair Hairstyles "Headphones Hair"

The headset has become a basic need for the lady to work, travel and sport. But applying them to the head disturbs some women, as it leads to the tangle of hair and scatter. Here, in this topic, how to lay off your hair by the earphones and use them as a distinctive accessory for hair.
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Many of the stars have published their pictures with headphones placed on the head, using hair removal tricks to fit this accessory. Find out what these tricks are:
"The Jet Set" Earphones for travel:
You can use headphones to help lay off your hair, especially in your travels. Put the headphones on your head when you start the journey, then divide your hair into two sections, and fasten each section with pins. Then at the end of the journey, you can break the knot, and you will get the perfect hair. So you do not need iron or any other tool, because the headset will be the tool that will shave your hair .
Workpiece hairstyle for work:
If you want to use headphones while you are working, we recommend leaving your hair downwards and then pulling the gasket forward before putting the headphones on. And thus remain jealous decorate your face from the front, and turn the earpiece into an axor pulling your hair falling back.
Headphones for math:
You should adopt a braid , a ponytail or cake, and hide the speaker cords behind the strap. These layoffs are best suited to keep your hair follicles out of sweat, and they help to fix the earphones, so they do not bother you or fall off during quick movements.
Strange advice: Do not be afraid of the effect of sweat on your hair, it does not hurt at all, but the contrary, it helps to activate the fabric in the hair.