How do you take care of your Hollywood-style hair?

We are always surrounded by the beauty of the hair of stars, and we hope that we felt like them, is this impossible? Certainly not, all we have to do is to know the secrets of the care of these stars with their hair, and how to deal with it to appear beautiful and sparkling and soft.
Do you want to know these secrets? You
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1. Hair drop-down
If you have thin, thin hair, your hair will be close or similar to the beautiful hair Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth Paltrow takes care of her hair by washing it twice a week to get rid of scalp fat. She also combes it constantly to increase blood circulation in her scalp, so as not to show any knot that is difficult to control. She also uses dry shampoo constantly whenever she feels the accumulation of some oils Her hair, away from the use of strong hair balm.

2 - Hair falling down with some ripples at the extremities

This hair is characterized by the presence of some bends on the edges, which is like the hair of star Kendall Jenner , which is keen to comb constantly, and wash when he felt that he needs it, and says: He needs this twice a week in almost Winter, and 3 times in the summer. She is also careful to constantly spray the hair to get her double size. She is interested in using the spray whenever she wants to make her hair smooth and soft.

3 - soft and heavy hair

This type of hair is more dense and thicker than ordinary hair, but it contains some ripples that disappear over the top layers of hair, and this hair is identical to Rachel Bilson hair, which takes care of constantly by washing once every 3 days, taking care to deliver shampoo To all parts of her hair to keep it clean, then comb it well and it is moist so it is easy to control, and it is keen to use essential oils, including: olive oil, and coconut oil once a week on her hair to protect from hair dryers, and avoid damage.