The danger of the ponytail on the head

There is a common folk saying that "beauty is pain", but should the hairstyle of everyday and ordinary be also a sacrifice?
There is no doubt that the majority of girls adopt the hairstyle in the shape of a ponytail , it is easy and fast. As the hairstyle is perfect for days when your hair is not well-groomed and well-groomed. But the only thing that is considered negative in this hairstyle is the feeling that endures at the end of the day. Sometimes, you can feel irritated, migraine and sore all over the scalp. But you usually ignore this pain.
What causes headaches in the ponytail?

Research shows that the majority of women who suffer from headaches, when adopting a ponytail , are suffering from migraines. The patient does not realize that he has migraine, because it is often undiagnosed, it affects about 12 percent of the population, and about 18 percent of women. This disorder leads to hypersensitivity, which makes nerves around the face and scalp super-allergic.
When you adopt a narrow cake hairstyle or a ponytail or even use accessories, this will pull nerves into the scalp, pulling the nerves will trigger them and thus become more sensitive, and this can lead to headaches.
This phenomenon is called the pain of the skin, because the sense of pain is due to stimulation. From here your hairstyle should not be painful. Even if you do not suffer a lot of migraines, you can be vulnerable to the pain caused by the ponytails because of tension and stress, which in turn also lead to headaches and headache.
Be careful not to take sedative drugs for head pain every time you suffer from headaches because of your hairstyle. This will later lead to the development of the condition, and thus you may reach a stage where sedative drugs become ineffective and headaches become permanent.
Treatments may vary from patient to patient, as some rely on relieving headaches to take supplements, such as vitamin B / vitamin B2, magnesium. But of course, you should consult your doctor before starting any new regimen.
The easiest treatment you can adopt is just relax and avoid styling your hair on the narrow cake, ponytail, placing synthetic accessories, or anything that can narrow the scalp.