Thyme mask for healthy hair under the veil

Do not miss any veiled, the importance of caring for her hair through the development of mixes and strengthen the nutritious, in addition to the ventilation and not covered at home or all the time, as hair needs to breathe constantly renewed.
But the most important note is that the quality of the mixtures used for hair, must be a variety of ingredients as targets, and not based on a single mask, but you use the masks of nutrition and softening, as masks and replenishment masks and skin care of the head and decontamination, to prevent the crust that causes hair weakness and fall, Masks prolong hair and maintain its brightness and freshness.
In this context suggested today you, Thyme mask to clear the head lashes, and protect from the crust.
Thyme contains antiseptic properties that help eliminate the crust, reducing the problem of hair loss. It nourishes and stimulates blood circulation when massaged on the scalp.
Four tablespoons of dried thyme.
Two cups of water.
Place four tablespoons of dried thyme with 2 cups of water, resting for 10 - 15 minutes.
Remove the mixture from the fire, wait for it to cool down and then liquidate it.
We use the water from boiling the thyme as a cleansing fluid, and we scalp evenly, leave it for 5 minutes and repeat the process again.