Hair hairstyles will change your life in 2018

New hairstyles and dyes have been spreading this year. From here, you can not remain in the shape of your old hair, but you need to adopt new innovations in terms of color of hair and how to use the accessory to get the most beautiful views. Follow this theme and discover modern layouts to be the first in her experience.

Hair on a boyish way
This story is suitable for women with facial features, which helps to soften the face.
Hair stylist Georges Northwood says that nothing can turn the face completely, but change is necessary even if it is not radical. He stresses that this story is not only for women, but for all women who love change.
If you like the changes, this story may be appropriate. You can enjoy every stage because of the short and long layers produced by this story.
Wavy hair
knows that this time of year does not suit the soft drop hair, due to humidity, air and bad weather, which leads to curls and stitches.
For this reason, experts in the field of hair are advised to adopt a thick curly hairstyle this year.
This hairstyle may not be for every day because of the time it takes, you need to leave your hair for long hours wrapped in circular rings.
To maintain hair curl, it is recommended to spray the installer before drying.
A strong return to the ponytails The
famous hairdresser, Jamie Stevens, confirms that the ponytail was the most popular. It is known about this hairstyle that it is easy and varied ways and shapes, may vary from person to person. For this year, we recommend that you tie your hair loosely, and you can use some soft accessories to decorate your horse's tail .
The best way to get a beautiful ponytail is by bending your head downwards when you are laying your hair down to ensure that the hair is shaped from the bottom. Then use the spray on the brush and remove your hair to reduce the flying hair.
Modern lift
Darren Ambrose, a British hairdresser, says that height will remain widespread this year, but with a modern touch.
Do not invalidate the supermodel ever and it always remains the basics of fashion and beauty, but this time we will see a different line of lift, instead of the classic forms.
Hair coloring in green
You have the opportunity to experience bold colors at the beginning of the new year. There is no doubt that green color may be the year of the most chosen colors.
Green shadows in the final months of 2016 were the most sought after and are likely to continue to expand and expand this year.