There is very little perfume bottle in women's ego. Women use perfumes to scent themselves from office to party. Doing so makes a woman feel good and enhances her personality. After using the perfume, if you also throw away the empty bottles, today we ask that you use it in a better way. You can also do some good things with these blank bids. Let us know about them.
Can make a terrarium
If you use a large perfume bottle, you can make a good terrarium with their help. In this way, you can decorate your home very beautifully and at a very low price. All you have to do is put some gravel, soil and plant in the perfume bottle. By doing the work, your terrarium will be ready.
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Make an oil burner
When the scent is in the house, we love it. This also relieves our stress. In such a case, if you have an old perfume bottle, you can make an oil burner and smell it at home. Even if the perfume ends up in the bottles, but you put some oil in it and burn it with a large wick. Not only will your home lighting look beautiful, but it will also make your entire home smell beautiful.
How to make a voice
Using an old perfume bottle will make the idea of ​​making Voss even better. If there is less space for separately decoration in your home or you want to decorate your home naturally, you can use an old perfume bottle as a home. For this, you need to plant fresh flowers in it. Doing so will bring freshness to your room.
Make a jewelry stand
If you are going out somewhere and want to keep your jewelry with you or if you want to store and display your jewelry in a unique way, you can use an old perfume bottle. You can keep your neck piece inside the bottle and put rings, etc. on top of it. However, before using the perfume bottle in this way, dry it well in hot water and dishwashing liquid, so that you don't damage your jewelry. (Disclaimer: The information and information in this article is popular based on the information. News Hindi 18 has not confirmed this. Contact the relevant professional before implementing it.)