Many parties, including the World Health Organization and public bodies in different countries, have held young people responsible for the renewed spread of the new Corona virus, due to what some consider selfish and reckless behavior of this category that is difficult to persuade to adhere to preventive measures, especially during the height of summer celebrations, according to the "French".
Finally, Michael Ryan, Director of Health Emergencies at the World Health Organization, called on young people to show a sense of "responsibility", addressing the members of this group by saying, "Ask yourself the question, Do I really need to go to this party?", After a direct accusation of youth at the end. Last month, I contributed to spreading the emerging corona virus.
The summer vacation season and the lifting of restrictions in most countries coincided with a significant increase in foreign projects for young people between 15 and 25 years of age who are keen to participate in parties.
Health authorities indicate that nightclubs are major foci of the outbreak of Covid-19, and Switzerland, which is among the last countries to reopen its nightclubs, had a special experience in this field.
In Geneva, between 40 and 50 percent of the cases detected in the last two weeks of July "were linked to people who went to nightclubs," according to Didier Pettier, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases Prevention at University Hospitals in Geneva.
In other countries, nightclubs were closed, but this situation pushed night-goers to go to the streets, forests and beaches to hold their parties.
"Let's let the youngsters get infected, we're not going to send them to the army," says pathologist Eric Kum from the University of Pettier Salpetriere in Paris.
Since "young people do not absolutely respect preventive measures," Kom calls to benefit from this situation, as "this age group is able to acquire collective immunity more quickly, but the elderly must be protected by wearing a mask at home."