Since His Highness Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan assumed the Ministry of Culture, and we see it as a hive of bees at all levels, the feeling has grown that culture in our country is a priority for the citizen and an essential component in his life after it was neglected and in the “bottom of the bowl”, where it was the place of “honors” and donations. For some, but not for others.
The Ministry divided all sectors that make up the concept of culture globally in the form of bodies that numbered nearly 11 sectors and handed over their positions to active and working actors from all parts of the country, relying on the development of these sectors through them, and with constant monitoring from the ministry with the presentation of ideas, and planting seeds of joy in the souls Creative people.
For their success, institutions need to follow a clear structuring of work, and this is what the Ministry of Culture has rearranged again in a manner consistent with the personalities working in it and the hopes required of them, noting that many aspects have become complex, and almost every sector is an independent ministry, and I believe that every A body operating in line with Vision 2030.
In light of these transformations, we need to reprogram what is inside the many intellectuals who are from (east of the kingdom to its west and from south to north), so that their role is positive and effective more than their presence on social media and "wailing" on their marginalization, and they know in his heart Themselves that they did not come forward with any achievement that serves the region or the creator alike. Rather, they sought to serve and polish their names either to attend festivals or to print a book at the expense of others, and in their books that you find free of "fat" and full of "cholesterol", the reader cannot arrest A sentence that illuminates his coming path.
When the state relies on its intellectuals, it relies on the actors who work tirelessly and boredom, without frustration and setting the margins of "blackness" in its speech before optimism. Today, in light of these initiatives, we find that the cultural margin has become very open to all sects that can only open the window to deal with Fresh air in a phase of life and change.