Vitamins eliminate you from bombing hair in Ramadan

The process of getting rid of bomb hair starting from the care of it and keep it away from the damage factors, prevention is much easier than treatment after the problem occurs. So you should always protect your hair by following the following tips to prevent the bombing of hair especially in Ramadan:
Foods that allow you to get thick and strong hair
Use a wide tooth comb: It is important to stay away from the hair brush, it increases the bombardment, hair brushes contain rough bristles that damage your hair from the roots, so make sure to replace your brush with a broad comb teeth, preferably comb made of wood, to ensure Health of your hair .
Keep away from the use of cheap hairdressers: Cheap hairdressers may do the same job as hairdressers, but over time they will leave your hair damaged and too bad. So make sure to buy guaranteed and expensive styling products to keep your hair healthy.
Taking vitamins: It is important to get vitamins that feed to your scalp. If you are suffering from hair loss, take vitamin B, folic acid and biotin to improve your hair growth in general, and if you do not eat health regularly, you can consult your doctor , To describe you some dietary supplements.
Curls: Instead of curling your hair daily with a hot hair iron that leads to hair shampooing, leave your hair curly as it is from time to time to relax a bit of the use of the pads, and do not worry, you will be wonderful with your curly hair, this hair has become popular for several seasons.
Cut hair tips: Carefully cut off the tips of your hair constantly, then take care of it by using natural substances, olive oil and coconut oil to nourish your hair and keep the limbs from flaking.