Global hairstyles suitable for the end of the year

With a new year and a cold winter, we always need new hairstyles to increase our brilliance. "Madam" Here are some new layouts for New Year's Eve that will suit you anytime and any occasion throughout the year:
"Headphones Hair"
1. Front curls: A hairstyle that suits you all the time, whether at work, university or a night party . All you have to do is work two French bands on the front of your hair like a crown, leaving your hair falling from the back as it is.
2. Side Horse Tail: A very stylish hairstyle that suits you at night events, as it does not take you much time. All you have to do is work a bra from the crown-shaped front with your hair on one side in the form of a stylish and attractive ponytail .
3. Crystal Clearance:This hairstyle depends on the color of your sparkling crystal hair. If you do not have this color of hair, you can dye your hair in a crystalline color with a temporary dye to get this look, leaving your hair down with a front crown-shaped bra. This hairstyle suits you very well in the morning; it will give you an unrivaled shine with sunshine.
4. The tail of the rear horse: is a distinctive hairstyle and crazy. All you have to do is assemble your hair forward and do a back braid, then make a simple ponytail, this hairstyle will give you a wonderful look.
5. Random braids: This hairstyle is characterized by randomness, but it will feel you comfortable and shine. All you have to do is to work loose plexus in the middle of the hair with a loose pony tail also.