Steps to get rid of all hair problems in the winter

Complaints during the winter of dry hair, shelling and fear, and may take the entire winter and you are trying to treat your hair problems and get a satisfactory view, but to no avail, what is the solution?
Here are the methods presented by hair expert Vanessa Osbourne:
1. Deep moisturizing: In the summer, the hair suffers from dehydration due to high temperature and sunlight, and in winter it suffers from drought due to the cold air, which loses the hair moisture required for it, which leads to dry. So, you should compensate for this drought by using a rich moisturizing product to keep the moisture inside the scalp, and the best to give you this is the hair conditioner, so choose the right types for your hair, which increases its moisture with the attention to leave the conditioner on your hair for half an hour Less than ten minutes.
2. Using Steam: Exposure to steam is one of the most effective ways to add moisture to it. Steam fights dryness and breaks the ends of hair.It also reduces curly hair curls. All you have to do when you put on the conditioner is to cover your hair with a plastic cover, then wrap your hair with a warm towel. This will increase its moisture, and you can also expose your hair to the steam.
3. Products that increase the moisture of your hair: More natural products that increase the moisture of your hair natural oils, such as: coconut oil, olive oil, glycerin, castor oil, and other natural oils that increase the moisture of your hair.
4. Avoid hot water: Avoid washing your hair with hot water, it strips the hair from moisture nourishing it.
5. Avoid hair dyes: Instead of using hair dryers that increase dryness of your hair, take care of the traditional methods such as the sugar and curls to straighten or curl your hair.