Massage and sprayer for long and thick hair

Sure, it is not easy to get long hair, especially if it is wonderful and distinct from others around you, so the maintenance of this long healthy hair, should be given much importance.
Keeping your hair long without hitting or falling can cost you a lot of time and effort, but the result will certainly make you satisfied with your hair , and will give you a lot of happiness and confidence. How can you do this?
"Madam Net" offers you the following tips to keep your hair long:
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1 - Hair hygiene: Your long hair needs special attention , using the shampoo appropriate to the nature of your hair, preferably contains salicylic acid to clear your hair deeply, and do not forget to use moisturizing balm after that.
2 - Massage Scalp: Scalp is the foundation that strengthens and nourishes your hair and make it more powerful, and the massage works to stimulate blood circulation of the scalp , all you have to do is to put shampoo on your hair while washing, and massage your scalp for at least two minutes, Then wash your hair well.
3 - Stay away from the use of hair iron and chemicals: High temperature and chemicals weaken your hair and bomb and increase the fall, so avoid using hair dryers, and you need to take care of a weekly mask nourishing your hair, to help strengthen and increase the length and intensity.
4. Hair sprays to increase hair density: There are several types of sprays, help you to get curly hair , and other help you get attractive and thick hair, try to choose the right sprayer to maintain the beauty and health of your hair.
5 - Cut hair tips: Carefully trim your hair constantly, cutting the limbs at least once a month, to maintain its density and increase its length.