Short hairstyles for the year 2017

If you dare to cut your hair, you need to choose the right shape for your face. We brought you the latest pictures of stars with short hair with different layouts. Do not reverberate with her experience to replace your youth with the latest shouts.
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Side ripples
are side ripples that cover a section of the eye, one of the most beautiful short hairstyles. These ripples can be easily applied at home. Dry your hair using a cabbage dryer. You need a brush to push hair down and to the left, then down and to the right, back and forth. Do not forget to put the installation ointment, to keep the ripples as long as possible.
The Pop Hairstyle
This story is suitable for light hair, especially with sharp angles and slight curve of the back. We recommend that you adopt the half difference with this hairstyle.
Natural Ripples
To get a natural hairstyle, you have to adjust the layers all over your hair, to match your face. For in hair using turquoise cabbage, then bend your head upside down and spray spray installation, to maintain the shape of hair follicles.
Rear smoothening
This hairstyle is very easy and do not require a great effort, and it 's good to keep the second day. Add the styling cream to your wet hair, then tuck your hair down away from your face.
Short Hair Smooth The
secret of this hairstyle is by keeping the hair from top to bottom. To perform this hairstyle, you need to use moisturizers and hair conditioners, such as coconut or argan oil. Put the oil on the wet hair and comb it, leave it to dry with air, once the oil is put back on the hair, here you will get the best hairstyle.
The hairstyle is very short.
If you want to adopt a very short hairline, we advise you to leave the sides longer and lay them back, for more sophistication and excellence. For this hairdo, you need to dry your hair with the dryer in front of you, using your hands and using your handSliced ​​to get smooth polished hair.