5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Color After Tincture

Do you dream after putting the dye , to get the color of dark hair and fixed, like what I saw on the cover of the box of dye, but the result was the color and faded gradually? Are you frustrated by the repetition of this, after every time you dye your hair?
You must first know that this is happening as a result of the wrong way you deal with your dyed hair. The wrong habits you follow are the cause of this, but do not worry, MadamNet will give you the best ways to keep color Your hair after dye, as long as possible:
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1. Use the appropriate shampoo. Use your dyed shampoo to maintain your hair color. All you need to do is put the shampoo on your hair with a scalp massage for a few minutes, then rinse your hair well, repeat it if you want, then put a little Of hair balm , to reduce the dryness that will result from the use of shampoo.
2: Honey and vitamin C: Add a spoonful of honey with crushed vitamin C pills, and put the ingredients on your shampoo before using it, this will increase the stability of your hair color and keep it longer.
3. Apple vinegar: As you put a little apple vinegar on your shampoo, to keep your hair color dark and shiny.
4. Increase darker hair color:If you are looking for dark hair, so that the color is clear and attractive, dye your hair again in the same color, it will increase the color darkness and firmness, and you can choose a darker color to get darker.
5. Coconut and olive oil: To reduce damage to your hair after dyeing it once or more, get a little soft hair, put olive oil or coconut oil on your hair weekly, leave it for at least one to two hours, then wash your hair with shampoo , Thus keeping your hair as damaged as possible.