How to choose the right hair stylist for you

Each of us has a distinctive hair stylist who relaxes with him from other masseurs. Each stylist also has his own style of hair care and styling, but is your favorite stylist considered brilliant in his work? You may not know whether he is a good stylist or not? How will you determine that?
Meet with "Madam Net" on the best qualities of hairdressers and how to choose them through the following:
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Scalp massage: some scalpels do not massage the scalp well when washing, and this is wrong, scalp scalp need to massage to stimulate blood circulation, which leads to the improvement of hair and growth, and massage will feel some relaxation during the washing, so it is the most important qualities The stylist, his attention to the scalp.
2. Hair Trimming: Some hairdressers believe that if hair is good, it will not need to be cut. This is a false belief. It will make your hair shorter, but you will have to cut the edges of your hair. This will improve the health of your hair.
3. Hair dye: Some believe that we can dye hairAt home, saving money and time, rather than going to the hairdressers, but dyeing the hair at home may make you put a lot of dye on your hair, and you may not get the color you are looking for, so you must dye your hair at the hairdresser to get the color The most suitable for you, minimizing the chemicals that you will put on your hair.
4. Hair styling: choose the mattress that is afraid of your hair from high heat, and when using the iron, use a low-temperature iron that does not affect the health of your hair.
5. Hairdressers' advice: The best hairdressers, using natural oils and home remedies to increase the strength and health of your hair, such as olive oil, coconut oil and avocado, will be one of the most common treatments to keep your hair healthy.