Strangeness of the rainbow on the hair

After the spread of the fashion application of the glitter on the hairline last year, and increased images on how to adopt this shout. Here is the rainbow dye on the hair bands take the lights.
Rainbow colors are not new in the world of hair dyes , but the way they are applied is exotic. The images of color merge spread only on the scalp, specifically in the hair bands.
If you like this shout you steps to get it : -
Adopt the difference you like more, and make sure to form well.
- Lighten the hair at the difference in light blond color , so you can get the colors of the rainbow accurate.
- Bring the colors of the pigments: blue, purple, fuchsia, orange, yellow and green.
- Wash your hair after the blonde tint, and then clean it well.
- Apply rainbow colors to the hairline, each colored in color.
- Wait for half an hour.
- Wash your hair with cold water, and be wary of hot water that can make the colors overlap in between.