Hairpin double-edged hair!

As we need to introduce protein into our daily diet, we feel healthy and strong, so we need protein in our daily routine . But what is protein, what does it do and how it benefits our hair? What are the risks of hair protein?
What is protein?
The hair consists mainly of protein filaments, called keratin, and chains of amino acids. Exposure to harsh chemicals and poor hair care can break down these chains and lead to hair damage . A protein advantage that strengthens and strengthens keratin, and thus helps to grow hair faster and stronger.
How to use protein to treat hair -
Eat proteins to nourish your body From the inside:Chicken, eggs, legumes and fish. As the salmon, it provides enough omega-3 fatty acids, which will support the scalp healthily, and help in hair growth .
- Protein grains : Protein pills are a quick and appropriate solution, to reduce breakage, and damage that may affect hair. You can use these pills once a month.
- Hair Mask : Hair mask is the lightest treatment, this method can be used frequently.
Deep treatments: hydrates and stimulates roots for optimal growth. You can use this treatment once or twice a month.
Re - building hair: rebuilding hair is rich in protein conditioners, custom - made for the treatment of chemically damaged hair. This treatment is used when needed.
- Natural mixtures:You can adopt natural methods, by mixing eggs with mayo, or avocado, to get the mask of your protein. This treatment is very effective and can be done every week, so it depends on the needs of your hair.
- Uses protein treatments:
• For broken hair
• For chemically treated
hair • For damaged hair due to heat
to treat hair piercing
A lot of protein can make your hair hard, which causes it to break , and then you get back to the point where you started. Use treatments that suit your hair condition, and as much as you need your condition. When using hair products, Investigate the ingredients for useful additives such as collagen, which improves hair elasticity, and keratin that enhances branches, and plant proteins that help the branches absorb moisture, and silk proteins, which help soften the hair.