Hair styling tricks like a pro

The methods and recipes of experts that talk about maintaining the health of hair and prevent it from falling and bombing, but the right start to maintain the health of hair lies in the design of the right way, the right style will give you strong hair and health, and it increases the circulation of blood circulation of your scalp, The health and height of your hair.
Here are some of the best steps to get your hair done in a safe way :
1. Dry hair properly: start by drying your hair in a simple and correct way to keep it healthy and shiny. All you have to do after the shower is to dry your hair with a thin, dry towel, gently press your hair to soak. Wash excess water out of your hair, as you leave the towel for a while to ensure dryness of your hair while keeping away from rubbing the towel with hair.
2 . dry hair:Some people think the best way to style hair is wet, but this is a misconception. Wet hair is more likely to fall and blow, so you should avoid brushing your hair with a wet brush. Wait for a while to dry your hair and then brush it.
3 . Regular hair styling : Regular hair styling increases the growth of your hair. Classing increases the circulation of your scalp, helping to maintain the health and strength of your hair.
4. Use the wide comb: Use the wide tooth comb in your hair styling, because it is softer, prevents hair loss and fall, unlike the narrow comb, it stimulates hair roots to grow, and avoid as much as possible cheap brushes.