Leopard hair dyes

Normal dyes are no longer suitable for fashion lovers. After hair coloring is inspired by a rainbow, after Super Mario tints and pastel colors. Here is the fashion of "Leopard" in different colors, spread on Instagram, especially with short hair and chewed.
This fashion has already spread to brown and black hair dye, but has recently developed into bold and powerful colors, such as pink, purple and blue. To complete the strangeness merged these tints with short or shaved hair . From here we can say: This type of hair dye and lay off, is the love of the heart of young women looking for excellence.
This dye can be applied to long hairThe theater is soft to show tints. It can also be adopted on short hair. The most beautiful remains with hair shaved on one hand, and long on the other.
If you like this hymn and want to try it before you dye it, you can use Leopard scribbles, put it on your hair in the places you want to paint it, and then use the colored vibrator for the hair inside the blanks to get a temporary color.