20 images are necessary before cutting and dyeing your hair

At the beginning of each season there are new hairstyles and hairstyles. But the story of this chapter requires you to maintain the health of your hair and take care of it well, healthy hair is the title of your beauty and the basis of attractive layoffs for the summer of 2017.
Here are the highlights of this year's hairstyles:
1. Hair theater generation: a strange way to apply the hair generation from the top of the head and the hair follicles all.
2. Hair falling down to the neck: Fashion designer Alexander Wang has adopted most fashion models, short hair falling down , he loves this trend, so it is one of the trends of hair styles this year, and there are a lot of fashion designers and hairdressers, who went to this hairdo , Making it the most prominent this year.
3. Short dark blond hair : With the advent of new technologies and different colors of hair, this distinctive and close-blond color appears to give an attractive and elegant look to your hair. This color is a new technique that reflects the natural color of hair and adds a lot of attractive dimensions to it. And charming.
4. Gray hair : The trend of gray hair has emerged strongly, it is bold color is difficult to use, but nevertheless, many stars recently used to attract attention, making it a distinctive color and bold this year.
5. Long hair drop: If you like long hair , you can use this trend, which is to resort to soft hair drop attractive, but your hair must be healthy, soft and attractive, so that you can maintain the beauty of the hairdo.