Pictures A member of "Islamic Research": Psychologically ill

Wearing a black cloak that covered her entire body, swayed to the sound of liberal music while performing ballet dances, proclaiming her adherence to her Islamic costume and her identity together to create a stir in Arab society.
The Turkish photographer Tetsz Kral's lens was his instrument for documenting the moments of Saudi dance in a small room during preparations for the opening of a new season for this art, the twicopy website reported.
"The ballet of the veil" .. That Hashtaj, which was issued by Twitter during the past days, which carried in it, the words of support and other opposition to what the woman did, where one of the pioneers of "Media Media" "The religious rules keep us away from sin and not for the art of life, , While another chanted: "Islamic dress must be respected and not dance."
"Psychiatric patients" ..
Dr. Hamid Abu Talib, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Law and a member of the Islamic Research Academy, described the girls who want to stick to the niqab while enjoying the life of the non-veiled girls. "As long as she chose this dress, she should respect him not to dance."
"The removal of the veil and the wearing of the veil" .. is the proposal, "Abu Talib" for the women who wish to become "Balarina", with the choice of clothing does not heal or describe the body, where the Hanafi doctrine that the woman should puncture her face, Others, or hold positions.