Curls to prolong the hair quickly after a story

Have you chosen the Pixie story this summer, and want to get longer hair with the onset of winter? Do not worry, Madam Net will give advice to anyone who has short hair and is looking for effective ways to get longer hair, but you should first realize that it is difficult to transform your hair into long hair overnight, but be patient and persevering. Follow some tips, which will help you get long hair in a faster way than the usual boring wait.
Here 's the natural way, which will help you increase your hair growth quickly:
1 .tkulaim your hair: Some believe, trim hair cut limbs may increase his palace, but this method is the golden rule for thick and long hair in the fastest time, all you have to do , Is to get rid of the canteen hair at the end of your hair, every two to three months.
2. Use appropriate products: Use products that help nourish and grow your hair. Healthy products increase your hair health and increase your growth, and completely eliminate unreliable commercial products because they are made from low-quality chemicals.
3. Use hairpins: Use appropriate hairpins, because the hair pins and hair clasps that pull back the hair, break down and grow.
4. Use hair bands : It may be difficult to lay off your short hair, and create many layoffs, instead of waiting to grow again in the usual boring way, using bands and hair combos, to get a different thin and different views of your short hair, to grow again.
5. Avoid hair dryers: Avoid as much as possible the use of hair extensions that increase your hair, and prevents the growth of a large extent, and replace this with some simple natural hair extensions, with thin hair accessories.