Short hair styles

Hair fashion has spread strongly in this season, and has been adopted by the most famous stars in different ways and distinctive forms. If you like to keep up with fashion, here are the latest short hairstyles , b- dyes and hairstyles that have changed beauty concepts for this summer, with the Worlds of the Worlds.
You can adopt a short hair story to the ear level, or a maximum touching the ends of the shoulder. This story allows you to apply modern lifts with braids, such as Lucy Hale, or a ponytails such as Lily Rose depp, or even the tall cake, as adopted by Miley Cyrus . Do not hesitate to experience the most beautiful accessories at the moment, such as Andra Day Andra Day, or with the LupitaNyong'o Lupita .
If you like the strangeness of tints, short hair is ideal for blue color, such as Halsey Platinum, similar to Jennifer Lawrence, as well as the most beautiful methods of applying Umbrella.
It also had a striking role in short hair styles, especially with star Zendaya.