Egg and chicken to prolong hair

Have you tried all natural and chemical compounds on your hair, and you try to increase its density and maintain its health? Do you dream that your hair will be strong and healthy, but the reality is that you have a continuous fall in your hair?
This may be due to the lack of nutrition needed by your hair, your hair needs some vitamins that increase the health of the inside, so that the effects of this nutrition from the outside.
Here are the main vitamins that increase the health of your hair:
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Vitamin D: If you are deficient in vitamin D, it will affect your hair health, cause it to fall, and to get vitamin D, be always keen to eat fish such as salmon, sardines, dairy sources of various forms to increase vitamin D ).
2 - Iron: Most women who suffer from hair loss, have a significant shortage of iron, if you suffer from hair loss, measure the level of iron in the blood first, and you have to eat meat, beans and lentils, they are foods rich in iron, which leads to increase Intensity of your hair and not falling.
3-fatty acids and antioxidants:80% of women who suffer from hair loss have a lack of fatty acids, and to obtain these acids more than the intake of dietary supplements containing omega-3 and 6, fatty acids, and antioxidants containing vitamin E (C), add To "Lycopene", which works to increase the intensity of your hair and prevent falling.
4 - Protein: Most foods rich in protein, such as eggs and chicken, are great sources to feed your hair, so, take it and keep it for at least two months, and you will find a significant change in the health of your hair, and continue to eat meat, yogurt and nuts, it increases the health of your hair.