Hairstyles for curly hair

Curly girls may feel that their choice of hairstyles is slim, while there is more than a hairstyle that fits their curly hair. Instead of overworking hair and using different stylists to get their hair straight, choose a hairstyle that suits you with these curly hairstyles.
Here are the ideas of "Madam Net" for curly hair:
The minnie mouse hairstyle is a step by step video
Straight corrugated hair: This hairline is based on relatively long hair . You can change the color of your hair to slightly lighter color than your original hair color and leave your hair as corrugated, and you will get a great look without your hair being pulled out.
The thick corrugated hairstyle : This hairstyle depends on thick , messy corrugated hair , so your hair looks like a waterfall. All you have to do is leave your corrugated hair as you try to get more cauliflower, and you can also make small braids to accentuate the shine of your hair.
Hair on one side: When you are styling hair on one side you may get more femininity whether your hair is long or short. Instead of leaving your hair on both sides of the face, put it on one side with some wrinkle, and you will get a different look for your face.
Crazy Curly Hair: It is a bold hairstyle that needs some boldness. It depends on wavy silvery hair. All you have to do is paint your hair in silver or pastel colors, leave it free, and you will get a distinctive look. You can also use colors on your hair instead of Dye to protect it from shelling.