Diala Makki shared the secret of her strength and the beauty of her hair Pantenehair #

Follow me on this professional and aesthetic journey of Diala Makki. And know it more closely and the product beloved to the heart of the tag «Pantene». You will change your aesthetic routine immediately:
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How did you start your career in TV presentation?
I must admit that although I am from a purely medical background, my father is a surgeon, my mother is a nurse and my brother is a heart doctor, I have always had a penchant for art and literature at a very young age. I used to write as a means of self-expression, I did not know that my father had dictated it during my development and actually pushed me to specialize in fine arts, communications and journalism. During the years of the American University of Beirut, I began my television career at a very young age and learned from my experience in the industry. I was fortunate enough to be taught by inspiring individuals like Marcel Ghanem, Ali Gaber and Ziad Abssi.
Tell us about the TV experience in detail?
My television experience was a very inspirational journey, which began about 15 years ago, from hosting youth and musical programs in Beirut to big television works with Dubai TV. But when I talk about the chronology of my experience in Dubai, which was enormous, you will certainly start hosting a movie program that has enabled me to travel around the world and meet with the most creative leaders in the film industry to move to host such huge productions as Tarata to Najm Al Khaleej. But fashion has always been a distant dream. Even produced a very special series of documentaries about the history and heritage of luxury brands. I was fortunate to have the names Chanel, Dior, Fendi along with the big names such as Cartier, V & A, Bulgari, Piaget, and others as my customers. My trip was satisfying to myself. Educational and intellectual front.
What is the difference between Diala and Pantene?
My relationship with the brand dates back a few years. We agree on the same values, foundations, empowerment and power of modern women. I love their dedication to support the diversity and power that defines the true essence of beauty.
How do you take care of your hair, what is your daily routine?
My daily routine is very simple. I try not to wash my hair more than twice a week. To protect it from ultraviolet radiation and damage caused by styling tools.
How was cooperation with Pantene? What does the #StrongIsBeautiful sentence mean to you?
I am very close to the brand PanteneHair #, and have had the opportunity to travel to a few destinations with them and learn what they are offering to the beauty industry from moving positive messages to the level of dedication of scientists to create products to suit the needs of modern women. In fact, that beauty force, In an age where the concept of real beauty is challenged on social media, Pantene encourages women to be strong, determined, unique and unbound by the standards imposed by society. I am very proud to be able to convey this message to viewers and followers.
What challenges did you face before using Pantene?
Before Pantene, I was using a range of endless products other than being expensive and not working. It is not only important to understand what my hair needs, but in my opinion, it is necessary to use products of a sign that share values ​​and beliefs.
What is new or different about the new Pantene?
The updated Pantene Pro B formula helps make hair stronger against damage and more intense from roots to limbs. Smart moisturizing ingredients have been added that penetrate into the hair shaft and settle in specific locations required byRepair hair and give it strength.
What is your favorite Pantene product, what is always with you?
I love them all but I can not live without the oil substitute, it's amazing! It gives me better nourishment, strength and more brilliance than twice the traditional oils.
How do you maintain your health?
I try to exercise regularly and take supplements and collect at least 7 hours of sleep.
What character has helped you in your career?
My career depends on education alone. I can not but emphasize the important role that education plays in the growth of the human mind. Self empowerment will be through self improvement, travel, and meeting with inspiring people. I have been very fortunate in the way I have chosen for myself, every interview, every documentary is an enriching learning process on many levels.