Columnist WMJ.Ru creator, psychologist and coacher Andrei Ryder this time advised why you actually want to like intercourse. After all, in case you are a skillful lover, then you'll be a hit in guys and end up a great spouse, you simply need to discover ways to fry cutlets. 
A funny story, of route, however there are representatives of the truthful intercourse, to whom it appears that during our freedom-loving time the phrase “have to” sounds beside the point, and if a person needs the female’s disposition, allow him attempt in mattress. "And in popular, intercourse in love isn't the primary issue," they giggle, "and sexuality isn't so vital." This article changed into written for them. Experienced ladies do no longer freeze this, sorry for the impolite tone. And impolite, due to the fact it's miles insulting for women who've been overwhelmed into the top by way of nonsense approximately the insignificance of intercourse.
And right here are 5 appropriate motives why a lady wishes and is critical to have intercourse:
The outcomes of intercourse on fitness
Scientists from one of a kind international locations carried out quite a few studies in this subject matter. For girls, that is specially critical. Among different matters, lively, saturated intercourse restores the hormonal stability of the frame and decreases the probability of hormonal issues. This reduces the chance of gynecological sicknesses and the probability of early menopause.
Appearance and lifespan
Active intercourse reasons a rejuvenating impact and improves look. Tooth tooth is reinforced, pores and skin elasticity and firmness boom, the threat of wrinkles is decreased, the shape of hair and nails is advanced. According to the statistics acquired, human beings who've intercourse as a minimum 3 instances every week appearance and sense, on common, ten years more youthful than passive friends.
Psychological kingdom and emotional stability
Sex is the most powerful antidepressant. It will increase mental balance, relieves tension, has a useful impact at the psyche and stabilizes the paintings of the fearful device. And for ladies on this regard, there may be an extra high quality thing because of the unique homes of male sperm.
The feeling of fulfillment and pride with existence About this reviews Rambler

A woman wants it or not, but her sense of her own attractiveness, desire and sexual viability is very significant for her, for her personal self-esteem and sense of integrity. Here, first of all, her individuality can manifest. It is in this area that a woman is the easiest, more interesting and more exciting to be herself and enjoy life. Many psychologists believe that the manifestation of sexuality is the main way of self-affirmation of a woman. In many ways, the world perceives a woman through her sexuality, and she herself perceives him through her.
The stability of love and the attitude of men
According to studies, today the main cause of divorce is sexual dissatisfaction, because of this, most marriages break up. It is necessary to clearly understand that for most men sex is an integral part of love. Without sex, the feeling will not be complete for a man. And it is he who primarily strengthens his love, he acts as its foundation. And therefore, if you know how to have sex, if you enjoy intimacy yourself, you are the ideal lover for a man, his heart is in your hands, and your relationship is not threatened.
These are the five weighty arguments in favor of sex. Can you name at least one other sphere of life activity that so comprehensively affects a woman? So good advice to you: learn to have good sex and have a rich intimate life. Your sexuality is a gift of nature, value and love it.
“Great advice, wise owl! - some girls will say. “But not all skillful lovers are not taught in school, and life lessons are not always successful.” What is true is true, not taught, and in vain. I have a teaching video course "How to become the perfect lover to enjoy life more." If you do not have enough experience, knowledge or courage, listen to him. This is reported by Rambler.