Myriam Fares in African Poetry and the Steps of Its Application

The latest African layouts launched by Miriam Fares in the new clip "Shouf Halek Alei". Where she announced the fashion of African long colored hair with hairdresser Jack Kumiji. Follow the steps to get African braids like Miriam Fares.
It is not the first time that it deals Myriam Fares with stylist hair Jack Komeji known as Le Jack , but it's these views are surprised us, and the length and color of her hair. The long African curls were adopted with purple vesicles in an ombrious fashion , so that they begin to gradually turn black toward the light violet, reaching gray at the ends of the hair. She also lifted the cake- shaped top . If you want to get African curls, here are the steps of "Madam" that will help you apply them easily at home:
1. Hold your hair: Wash your hair using the shampoo you use normally, and then apply deep cream to soften it. Use oil when making braids to keep your hair smoother.
2 - specify the direction of braids:It is important to decide where your part will be before you start braiding, either in the front rows of your hair to the back of the neck, or braiding in a circular motion from the center to the outside. You will need the comb with the adjacent teeth to separate your hair, dividing it into separate sections ready for tethering.
3 - Divide your hair: Fill a bottle of spray with water and a little olive oil, then spray on the part that started to work. Use the comb to separate this section of hair in a row under your head. The smaller part, the smaller the plexus, the larger the part, the larger the plexus. Use hair clips to keep the remaining hair in place, away from your face.
4. First Curl:Take the first part of the hair in one hand, and pull out a small section of the top. Divide the hair in this section into three equal sized sections. Start by turning these three sections in the traditional braids style, moving from the right section to the middle section, then moving from the left to the most middle section, back and forth.
5 - conversion of the French plexus into African: through the braiding hair divided into the French braid, which is very close to the head. The remaining braiding hair is the same way that you've started out. In this way, you have made a very small French braid.
• Pull the narrow plexus and keep your fingers as close as possible to your head.
• Avoid making braids away from your head.
• You can use small and flexible straps to install.
Or put the beads on the ends of each braid.
If your hair comes out of the braids, it is likely that it is not wet enough, and the braids are not tight enough. In this case add more oil. You may need help from someone to make sure that all rows are parallel, especially on the back of your head.