I grew up with out dad and mom. It so came about that they have been long gone while my sister became sixteen and I became 10 years antique. We have been taken by using grandmother, however she turned into already vintage, so my sister, Marina, took the principle worries for me. At 17, she went to paintings, slightly completed college. Neither of which schooling in addition even out of the query. She understood that now she is chargeable for me, that I want to be fed, clothed, raised and taught. I helped her as I may want to, however I become only a toddler. 
I keep in mind how Marina labored at some point of the night time shift, and I attempted to make her breakfast inside the morning. So she got here and become amazed, ate, rested. Oil were given into the burner, there has been a whole lot of smoke, the eggs burned. The sister, having come domestic, changed into anxious that some thing become burning. Then she turned into nonetheless studying me off and taught me a way to pour the oil, how to show the meals within the pan in order that not anything spilled out.
We lived nicely. It isn't wealthy, however they did no longer stay in distress. At 22, the sister met a person and were given married. Kostya additionally grew to become out to be right, we healed with a satisfied own family. Until I grew to become 18 years antique.
It befell inside the iciness. I implemented to university for a price range, I desired to examine as a instructor and search for a component-time activity. At that point Kostin's brother, Oleg, commenced to name in to us. He is 27, he owns multiple stores inside the metropolis. And he laid eyes on me. I keep in mind that he's wealthy, that he's type to me and to my circle of relatives, except, Kostya vouches for him that he's going to by no means offend me. But I do now not like him, he dislikes me like a person. And I in no way had a unmarried man. My sister insists that we need to marry Oleg, that this possibility will now not flip up for me anymore. But I'm 18! I even have by no means fallen in love! I need to be loose, satisfied. And do no longer stay in a golden cage with a person whom I do no longer like. I'm afraid to disappoint my sister, she placed a lot attempt into my upbringing, however I cannot move in opposition to myself both.