Sharing your happiness on Instagram has become the rule of good taste. That's why, however, this social network was also called the “boaster”. To make profiles look more aesthetically pleasing, people post only beautiful, processed, often staged or professional photos. When a blogger has a bad mood or even depression (sometimes it happens, bloggers are people too), you have to invent what beautiful picture to post and what interesting text to write under it. But a bunch of likes under a well-made post will increase, albeit briefly, the mood of instagrammer. And now the opposite situation: a blogger (or just an average Instagram user) is happy. So much so that he or she is literally bursting with that feeling. What to do, share with subscribers or not? The question “to be or not to be”, as a rule, does not arise. People immediately post photos or videos from the engagement party, and their vacation begins with photos at the airport. Further more. Subscribers literally choke in photospam, which pours from the beach of the Dominican Republic or from the restaurant Golden Fleece, where they play the wedding. Naturally, the user does not bother with signatures or a story about what is happening, about his thoughts and emotions. After all, Instagram is about photos, they think, greatly mistaken.

Instagram is not only about photos, but also about texts. Interesting and useful posts about yourself, their work, business, hobbies can bring thousands of subscribers without annoying cheat. If you open your audience, daring to speak to the public, then be prepared to talk about yourself if not everything, then a lot. Is it up to you? It is interesting to talk about some important and happy events in your life, not giving out too much, but not offending the listener (in this case, the reader) - talent. In general, people follow the path of riddles and omissions. They hide their pregnancy, suddenly surprising subscribers already with an eight-month belly, or conceal from everyone that they have been preparing to move to another country for three years, and then you have a photo against their home in Spain. Such posts also irritate the general mass of subscribers — after all, they were given little information, they did not get into the circle of the elect, and in the end, what was there to hide it from everyone?

Just happiness - it is so fleeting and elusive. It seems to us that if we tell about it in our blog, we will surely envy and violate our karma. It seems to us that from all sides someone else’s negative, envy will pour on us, and here it is not far from the evil eye. Then a brick will fall on our heads, and we will not marry, we will not give birth to a child and they will not take us to work at Google. And we are trying to remain silent, although to be silent is a great talent, as Dostoevsky wrote.