Hair care during summer trips

Hair as a skin needs good protection from sunlight, especially in the summer where frequent trips to the open air and to the beach especially.
How can you protect your hair so as not to lose its moisture and attractive color while enjoying the beach atmosphere?
Here are the details:
1. Pay attention to sunscreen: Put a cream on your hair rich in sunscreen to protect it from harmful sun rays.
2. Wear a hat: Wear a cotton hat to protect your hair from the sun, and large hats will also protect your skin.
3. Dry hair: Avoid exposing your wet hair to the sun, wet hair will be weak and easily affected by the sun, and may quickly damage, do not come out of the house with wet hair never during the summer days.
4. Avoid dyeing hair before going to the beach: The sun and heat affect the color of your hair dyed. If you are planning to go on a summer vacation to a beach, you should stay away from hair dye before, and dye it after returning from traveling.
Cut hair tips : Cut your hair tips at the beginning of the summer to get rid of damaged limbs. Hair in the summer is more prone to dryness and shelling. You should also increase the cream and oil baths to increase the moisture of your hair in the hot summer days.
6. Wash the hair with pure water before swimming: When you go to the swimming pool or sea water, wash your hair with pure water beforehand to protect it from chlorine or salt.