Once it was noted with a friend the presence of excess cash from this very friend. And in the bar I got acquainted with a very pretty young, very attractive person. We talked, then yes that ... went to escort her to the house. To my great surprise, I whipped away too soon. And at home it spun even harder.

It was not yet six in the morning, as she woke me up in a bochin. He says that it is already time for me to drink my unfinished cold tea and get out of my way. I was very surprised by this haste

- Why? After all, everything was so great with us?
- You see, I have a boyfriend, only he is in prison.
I turned everything inside. Understood the poor thing. Yearning for relationships, warmth, kisses, and more. No questions began to gather, but before leaving he asked:
- What is the guy sitting for? How long is the quiche term to wind?
- Yes, I did not pay fines. He spent two days ... Thirteen left.