My stepbrother constantly released sayings in the style of "a real man should have a mistress" or "a good leftist person strengthens the marriage." Naturally, wits are not in the presence of his wife.

I will say about my brother that he is a bit strange. No, I understand, love is there and so on ... But to take the edge champion in hand-to-hand fighting for wives, and then to change her? Well, you need to be with greetings.
Last weekend, we gathered at mom's kebabs. While I was fiddling with the brazier, Bogdan went to the house for meat. Here came his wife. She asked for a light and walked away. He knows that I do not smoke and do not like cigarette smoke. Well ... She lit a cigarette, walked around the corner of the barn, should satisfy her need for a dose of nicotine.
Meanwhile, Bogdan returns. In the hands of carrying a pot of marinated meat. While I was checking the dying fires, Bogdan started his barrel organ again:
- San, well, so what do you have?
- Yes, everything is fine, now I'll start to fry.
- I'm not in that sense. Have you found a mistress yet?
- Well, I was not looking.
- Damn, how many times do you say that a good leftist strengthens the marriage?
He did not have time to finish the sentence, when a wife stepped out from around the corner and with a characteristic crunch broke her nose into Bogdan with a direct blow to the bridge of her nose. And then I watched him fall as if in slow motion. He slammed like in the best action movies of the 90s. His wife quickly went for things, then got into the car and drove away. Bogdan also went to the emergency room.
I cooked kebabs. He opened the beer and almost alone enjoyed hot, appetizing pieces of roasted pork and cold Spatey, while everyone rushed like mad to and fro. A little later, Bogdan began to tell everyone that a misunderstanding had occurred. Like, he never cheated on his wife. But even if so ... You have to answer for your long language.
Today I just found out that Bogdan and his wife had begun the divorce proceedings. Given that he has three small children, a divorce only through the courts. Initiated a divorce wife. Filed in alimony.
Now say that "a good leftist strengthens the marriage" ...
I can say with confidence that marriage strengthens confidence, a slightly stretched prelude and delicious borscht.