I want to share the achievements that I have been working on for 5 years.

I have my own rules. I call it my mistress code. The rules are simple, they are very easy to remember ... but very hard to adhere to.

1. I never support a man if he throws mud at his wife. I usually translate the topic to something else. Here is a simple rule: if you don't love, then divorce. Nothing to live with a man you hate. Otherwise, it’s just such a trait of a person: talking shit behind people’s backs. I'm sure he will say bad things about you.
2. Never adjust to men. Once I tried to be a little girl and walk in front of a man. That relationship was just awful. The man then manipulated me and the gap was very painful. Anyway, men do not appreciate this and after some time they begin to simply take it for granted.
3. Do not advertise your relationship. Even my friends do not know anything about my personal life. No, they, of course, know that I have someone, but I never once showed them pictures of my lovers. For it does not concern them.
4. Do not ask. I never demand praise or gifts. Adequate men themselves give gifts and not to "buy" me. You will always feel the difference.
5. The apartment should be perfectly clean. Is always! If you have an adequate man, then he will not meet with a mess or dirty.
6. Frozen pizza should be in the freezer. I have never met a man who would not like pizza. Even to be able to cook is not necessary. Shove a pizza in the oven ...
7. Never sleep with stupid men. From stupid men you can always expect anything. I only once had a relationship with a fool. In the end, it was all very sad.