In short, no, not worth it. And if in detail, then read my angry essay on the topic of "investment."

Have free money? Never invest them in the purchase of apartments. Do you dream of taking and receiving passive income? Think of something else ...
In 2008, my business partner announced that he wanted to sell his share. I did not have the money to buy his share, so he sold his share to an outsider. I did not know him before. The buyer offered good money for my share. Agreed Tired of all this, and the tit in the hand is better than the muddy partner as a prospect.
Then I invested well in the already fallen market. Always guided by the thesis: "buy cheap for now." I bought shares for about 18 000 000 rubles. It was scary to invest the entire amount in the shares, so I spent 5,000,000 to buy apartments and repair them. I bought two dvushki on the outskirts of the province. Began to pass. At first it seemed to me that all the money needed to be spent on the purchase of real estate, but something stopped me, and the chance to earn money on the crisis did not let me go.
In the end, I very well raised on the shares. But in the apartments ... barely went to zero. During this time, my neighbors top me twice. Once flooding gave my lodger. By the way, he didn’t knock out money for repairs. He just ran away. From law enforcement no sense. Once a tenant made a fire. How many times in ten years have plumbing broken, I don’t even remember.
In one apartment had to change the accessories on the windows.
In the other someone strongly snapped the door.
Yesterday the tenant made a fire in the kitchen. We'll have to change all the furniture, make repairs, pay damages to the neighbors above.
It is worth noting that when something really serious happens, then you will not find a lodger with dogs, so there’s no point in all these agreements. Only once the contract helped. Someone from the neighbors stukanul in the Federal Tax Service, that I deal with the delivery of apartments. Called to the tax. Fortunately, there were agreements for the lease of apartments, otherwise the matter would not end with conversations.
If I had elite real estate, then it would be possible to reassign the agency to keep track of apartments, search for tenants, mess with documents ... And I did everything myself.
By the way, once one of my lodgers ran away so quickly that he forgot his passport. In short, today I have run out of patience. I will sell apartments.
If you read on any site that renting an apartment is a good business, then you should know ... The author of that opus never leased anything. Investing in the Zimbabwean dollar is a sounder idea than renting.