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A quarter or five large potato cubes cubes - large onion -: two large tomatoes. Five garlic cloves - two tablespoons large sauce. Two cups of bread. Shui Coriander and parsley
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Tnqaa Albesbas Edenic Bmoah warm for a quarter of an hour and wash , and I graduated from the inside grain Tahtah Balkhalat with Hptin Tamat senior And they cut the garlic, and mixed them, and gave them a hand
Fill the pot and check for a whole onion and sprinkle five cloves of garlic and preserve them with oil after such as add them two tablespoons of big sauce and then add the mix of the mixer and take the fried potatoes and then the fish and Tablbi calmly and then add Moyh flooding and let them spawn and do not forget spices and salt and sprayed as a seed and parsley Heavy feet with white rice, a great
alternative Albasbas Adani spoon of red pepper,

#A fish from my kitchen