Macaroni Shellfish Gambowe
pack of macaroni Shells 1 pack of
chopped chickpeas chopped chicken or meat as you wish Use chicken breast of bone bone and a little chopped green coriander and parsley of dill minced
onion --- cumin and black pepper ground
2 tablespoons dry cream cheese
dry thyme - cheese Mazarola
way to
climb the pasta and add the oil and Maggie
chop the onion and fry on fire and
then put the chicken and Ahouh on fire to dry his water and
then parsley, coriander and chopped dill is placed
and a little cumin and Mekb Maggie
and fillings pasta and drain Chinese
mix precious with 2 tablespoons cheese Kraft and a little oil cube Maggie Balkhalat Then Pour the pasta in China
Then sprinkle with dry ginger and cheese Mazarola .... and placed in the oven from the bottom and then from the top
and placed in the serving dish and sprinkle with dry parsley and two healthy and
life on your hearts