Chicken clip Tarraf
2 onions disyllabic wafers
2 Altomh heads
Kspor (Coriander) and Madlews (parsley)
spices minced: salt, black pepper, turmeric, ginger
pinnule Moses (Gar paper) , the
head of a spoon Bsibish and the head of a spoon Qaklh (Hill)
quarter cup small Oil
2 cups water,
marinated and green olives
Potato stew for ferrite
Take a cooker Place oil, salt and half a teaspoon of black pepper, turmeric, ginger and chicken sides and leave it over a warm fire until the chicken mixes with seasoning, We leave it until it is tasted (about 5 minutes) then we employ the master of Moses
Head a teaspoon of bassees and a head of a spoon, and then close a pressure cooker until it is cooked (a quiet fire) and we use green olive oil and marinade and leave it over a little fire and cook it,