Peace be upon you and Allah 's mercy and blessings be upon you
endowed share your delicious dish is irresistible , a pasta Albashimil tuna
pasta complete long. Tone box or two cans. Onions . Two tablespoons of sauce. A quarter of a cold pepper. Like his.
Ingredients of Bashmil Three cups of milk. Three tablespoons flour. Eggs
and to then dried milk bacon three cups of water each cup Tdhuba where two tablespoons of milk powder means Bacon amount three cups water with six tablespoons milk powder
Tzlqa pasta
Tkhani tuna I settled a box of Tuna Kcent onions p Vchin garlic and two tablespoons of sauce and then , tuna and add cold spices pepper And roasted and his Zebruh Ttsbkwa even if you work two Touna Zaidi sauce
Safflh Bashashil
his way sister miss smile
And each cup of milk equivalent to a spoonful of flour and be cool means mix the milk with flour and it is cold with two sticks of fire shot them sweetened
three cups of milk with three tablespoons flour and the fire fell under them and the kinetic of the yen weighs his eggs eggs (optional) and a black pepper workshop
Najib Pyrex we do the text of the pasta and add three Spoon spoons and stir them with noodles and then add tuna and then the remaining macaroni and pashmil and the oven and the
picture of you, which is a warm, it is better that you Mtqrbiha p length of the cooled two dimensions of the time of the introduction of the thickest to be more cohesive
once tasty tried it