Amounts ❣️
meat chicken or boiled
onions Hraih from two to three beads
and green pepper single text bell pepper clip Hraaih
Alpinia cinnamon and cloves and black pepper
and spices Basic
cube Maggie
tablespoons small sauce
powder saffron
way ❣️❣️
Khani expressions until tender and Put spices correct and The meat is above, stir and pepper the turkey and the hot and then sprinkle with the maji and the onion and the spoon and then put the three cups of
Moya Salwa meat and cook cooked and
roasted beef and dipped in Chinese and
rice rice with water water
meat mixed with salt and black pepper and formedwater and roasted saffron powder and small spoon sauce and oil and spoon of Moi E. And we shall smear the flesh and turn it from above
Noodles Nkha Bmwihhh text of the hour and then Htahaa Naiar ten Dakaiq and Safiaha and
return the pot of oil and cut the onion and the onion and saffron saffron and the fire with the pasta and
Zinha eggs boiled and nuts raisin, almonds and pine