A stimulating massage is a good intimate experience for the donor and the recipient. If you do not give your wife yet, my friend, this kind of massage is worth it.
Of course, no woman has ever refused to offer her lover to give her a comfortable massage even though he is not a professional but he can do it in a slow, slow way that inspires insects to explore her body, because when a man gives a woman a hug, it will be exciting and warm compared to what she can get In a specialized center, but what if she gave her a "eroticism" as a prelude to a pleasurable sex.
In order for the massage experience to be exciting for women and to be able to motivate and prepare them for sex, here's my friend's instructions:
Preparation for massage
Massage requires some basic things to make it fun. Without it you can not be called a "massage". Make sure you prepare for a relaxing massage before making the right place, because the place either makes the massage successful or fails. The base of any massage is the cleanliness of the place, , And privacy.
If you do not have a special massage bed like most people, you can put the mattress on the floor or you can simply use your bed, make sure to use clean sheets and cover them with a large towel to absorb the oil you will use.
Use the air conditioner
Set the level of air conditioning in the room at a comfortable level you and your girl may be half naked during the session.
Suitable atmosphere
If you are serious, you can add a romantic atmosphere to your candles and put comfortable music to be a fully integrated session.
Choose the right oil
The massage oil is essential because it facilitates the movement of the hand on the skin and makes the touch more enjoyable because everyone does not have a soft nose. There are many types of oils in specialty stores, but the most common is lavender, rose or jasmine oil.
The towel
The massage usually makes the place chaotic and you do not want the whole place to get dirty with oil. When you finish the massage session make sure you have dry, dry towels that you put around your sweetheart after you finish giving it a fun massage.
Ask your sweetheart to bathe before you massage it, and you should trim your nails well.
The Basics of Aerotic Massage
First: stroking and rubbing : All your palm rest should be used in massage and with gentle pressure on the skin.
Second: Pressure : It gets when we click on a specific area and this technique aims to reach the muscles and connective tissue under the skin and increase blood circulation on that specific area. Usually, pressure is applied using the palm of the hands. There is another type of pressure and the circular motion of the hands on a smaller area, usually on the hips , buttocks , abdomen and thighs .
Areas to be massaged
You should use light touches at the beginning and focus on a specific area later, start with a head massage, women love this, start with slight movements on the skull to rub your fingers in the form of lines from the hairline to the middle of the head and then complete until it reaches the neck and gently massage it , This massage is like magic.
Oil massage
Put the oil on her whole body and rub it lightly. Start from under her shoulders. Use the entire area of ​​your palm to put the oil on her back from shoulder to back. When she finishes this area, put the oil on her hands and then on her legs and feet.
Rubbing in sexual areas
After she has passed through her entire body it is time for the exciting massage so her blood circulation has improved and become more relaxed and her nerves become sensitive making her more responsive in her sensitive and sexually sensitive areas.
Buttocks and thighs
Gently rub the ends of the buttocks from the incision and massage the outside. This gives it a wonderful feeling. Use your fingers and press from inside your thigh to the outside and rest your palm comfortably on your thigh.
Abdominal area, chest and breasts :
Rub your belly with medium pressure from your elbow using circular movements with your two hands, from the middle to the sides. If you start touching her breasts, do it slowly from the outside to the inside until you reach her nipples using circular movements.
The pubic area
Aerobic massage will not be complete without focusing on her sensitive area. Ask her to sprain her legs and start pressing her small shoulder, the area above the labia and under the abdomen. As you pass your hand on the beginning of her thigh near her vagina, gently massage her and if she begins to wither, that means that she started to respond. . (Translation