Sexual desire is one of the most natural instincts that motivate a person to have sex and can be done at any time, but there are certain dates are best for the practice of intimate relationship pleasant advised by the researchers also so that each of the spouses feel comfortable and enjoy sexual satisfaction. Their marital happiness is realized.

Here are the ideal times to have a great intimate relationship:

1- In the morning

It is preferred to practice in the morning after waking up immediately to help the emotional and emotional communication between the couple throughout the day because of the high proportion of the hormone " oxytocin " in the body during this period and testosterone in men is at the highest activity, and affect the exercise of intimacy in the morning positively affect the increase the proportion of adrenaline in the blood.

2 - after exercise

Despite the sweat and fatigue, however, having sex after exercise is very enjoyable. Riding the bike for 20 minutes allows for a high blood flow to all the genitals and the sport generally provides the body with energy and vitality and reduces the feeling of tension and all this may help to have a wonderful intimate relationship.

3. At 4 pm

Sex at 4 pm is one of the best times because of the high hormone estrogen in men and the high hormone cortisone in women and with the increase of these high rates of hormones is the time of 4 pm of the most important and optimal times that enhance their performance and sexual motivation.

4. When tired

Once you feel illnesses such as flu, acute joint pain, headache pain or annoying menstrual symptoms, this is the perfect time to have a sexual relationship! This is because during sex, the body secretes certain hormones that act as natural painkillers to relieve pain and prevent diseases such as oxytocin and endorphins.

5. In the summer

The desire and sexual desire of both women and men increases in the summer and with the brightness of the sun accompanied by a rise in temperature may increase joy and vitality and improve blood circulation and increase blood flow quickly to all parts of the reproductive system of men and women. Testosterone rises in all men, summer fruit that helps increase libido and promotes sexual drive such as melon, strawberry, and pomegranate juice. Wear summer clothes that accentuate the femininity and elegance of women and highlight the manliness of the partner has a strong impact in arousing sexual desire in both men and women.