It seems that the signs of a cold war of the soft kind began to loom between two of the «harem Trump», one precedent and the other is his current wife.
The first response of Melanie Trump was quick, sharp and firm on her "rival" Evana, the first wife of the president, after the latter, in the course of her forthcoming book, reduced the title of "First Lady" while boasting of her title "The first mother" as she gave birth and raised the first three children of the American president.
In an interview with ABC's Good Morning America program, Evana joked that she was the first lady while promoting her book. "I do not want to make any kind of jealousy because I'm basically Trump's first wife, did you understand? I'm the first lady, okay? "
Melania, 47, responded to Ivana, 68, indirectly in a stern press statement issued by her spokeswoman, Stephanie Gircham, published yesterday by CNN.
"Melanie Trump loves life in Washington, DC, and she is honored to be the first lady of the United States," said the statement, which clearly attacks Ivana's disdain in her book and in media interviews with the title of First Lady.
"Milania intends to use her title and role to help the children, not to sell the books," the statement said in a clear irony that Trump's first wife is only seeking to earn material from her memoir book. Titled Raising Trump.
The statement's attack culminated as: "It is clear that there is no substance in these statements from a previous wife (Evana), and this is nothing but a noise to seek attention and to serve personal selfishness."
The statement added: «She (Melania) may be the third wife of Strump but the first lady only».
On Monday, Al Rai gave a spotlight on Ivana's new book, which recounts her experience of marriage and life with Trump and their divorce, with special emphasis on her role as a mother in the upbringing of her three children.
Trump married Evana in 1977, and his eldest sons, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, were born before their split in 1992.
Trump then married actress and TV personality Marla Maples in 1993, and his daughter Tiffany was born and divorced in the same year.
Trump eventually married Melania in 2005, and his two sons, Baron and William, were born.