"He was dressed only in a black nightgown," said British actress Romola Garay, the appearance of American producer Harvey Weinstein when he met her in his room when she was 18 years old to test her performance as an actress at the beginning of her career.
Romola Garay, described the behavior of the producer, who is nicknamed the Hollywood Emperor in their meeting at the Savoy Hotel in London, as offensive and "abuse of power".
The actress, who starred in Atonement and The Hour, aired on the BBC, told The Guardian that a sense of "violation" might be generated. This is the latest allegations of harassment and inappropriate behavior against the Hollywood emperor.
"Like any other woman in this area, I had a" performance test "with Harvey Weinstein, and it was true that I had already done the test, but
I had to get the approval personally , so I had to go to his room at the Savoy, I was only 18 at the time, and I felt violated because of that.
Romola, who once entered the Weinstein hotel room sat on a chair and briefly discussed the film: The incident was an indication of how Weinstein treated women in the film industry, which resulted in the exposure of young female actors, often desperate to get a special opportunity In the field, to "humiliating positions" consistently to demonstrate "have the power to do so."
Hardcore report
and began Weinstein practices go out to the public when a flagrant report published in the New York Times last week, claimed that the product, which is one of the largest influential people in Holeod and produced notable films like Pulp Fiction, was harassing women sexually in the field of cinema for more than two decades.
He allegedly reached at least eight settlements with women who sexually harassed them, invited women to his hotel room on the pretext of work, then received them naked, asked them to massage, or watched them during showers.
The list of women accused by US agents Ashley Jude and Rose McGowan, and since they published their claims against Weinstein, has encouraged others to do the same.
British writer and actress Lisa Campbell said Weinstein had invited her to his hotel room and asked her to go into the bathroom with him. An American television reporter said Weinstein had masturbated.
Weinstein had taken leave from his company, but the company's board of directors announced his dismissal on Sunday night, October 8, 2017, after new allegations of misconduct appeared.
On Monday 9 October 2017, the New York Times reported that hours before the board announcement, Weinstein sent e-mails to some of his Hollywood colleagues asking them to help stop the decision to dismiss him.
Some of the actresses, of whom the American actress Meryl Streep and British actress Judi Dench, who played a starring role in several films produced by Weinstein, have Kdmn conviction of the product publicly, and Navin any knowledge of his actions, as described by Emma Thompson as a "predator man."
"These allegations have alarmed those whose work has been supported by us (ie Weinstein), and those whose good and good cases have been supported," Merrill said.
Remorse and denial
Weinstein expressed remorse for his decades-long misconduct towards some women, saying: "I confess my mistakes," but his lawyers say he denies many of the allegations against him.
Romola told the Guardian that she was "very surprised" by the allegations against Weinstein.
She added that the fact that the film industry was "very busy with the hatred of women" meant that Weinstein's behavior was acceptable. "No actress has a story of this kind about Harvey," she said.
Why did not he complain then?
Romola described her meeting with Weinstein in his hotel room, saying she realized then that the situation was "strange" but "tried to deal with it as normal, because for me it was a job interview."
"I knew I had something I did not like and I felt insulted because of it, but I did not feel right to complain."
"Even the people who asked me to go to his hotel room did so with reluctant looks that they wanted to say, 'This is strange but you have to do it and you will not be in any danger.'"
They obviously were not comfortable with my claim, .
Sexual bribery
"I remember the feeling I felt when I saw him open the door wearing a bathrobe and I said to myself," Oh my God! This is a sexual bribe. "
But I think I only understood now, as I matured as an older woman, what it meant. Then I realized that I was a commodity and that my value in the field was almost limited to the way I started, and I never thought my value was worth more. "
Romola said she had not thought of exposing the incident before now because in the field of cinema, "people will be shocked by my mere thinking of it as a problem."
He described Weinstein's alleged behavior toward some women as "an open secret," which Romola confirmed, saying he was one of the most notorious defendants in this kind of filmmaking.
"It's amazing for me to classify it as new news, that's very well known in that area," Romola said. Very ".
"It is known that he had relationships with many of the personalities who worked with him or him, and because of the extent of his influence, and since these relations have always been with women much smaller than him, I think there was a clear imbalance in the power of those relations."
Not only that
Romola starred in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, but her disturbing experiences with Weinstein did not stop there.
While filming the film, she said she was under tremendous pressure to lose weight. She was constantly told that she was obese, as well as pulling food out of her room at the scene and getting some people to make sure she did not take anything.
Romola said that while the instructions were from lesser producers, she believed that Weinstein was behind these pressures to lose weight to "fit his view of the ideal appearance of a movie star."
"Weinstein's behavior was acceptable, but that's because he knows that what people want to see on the screens is thin, beautiful women with big breasts, and they do not talk much."
Is it the British Empire?
Romola said the incident with Weinstein was the most "obviously problematic" incident in her career, and that she could only understand it now, more than a decade later.
"If someone asks me now to go to his room and see a man wearing a bathrobe, I'm 100 percent sure I'm going to leave and tell him," Would you like to go to the restaurant and meet me after you put on your clothes? "
At the same time British Prime Minister Teresa Mae expressed concern about the allegations against Weinstein, but her spokesman said the question of how well he was able to keep the British Empire in 2004 was "not the prime minister's job."