It seems that the emotional relationship between two Germans did not prevent exploitation of the mother's sexual lover of her child and the dissemination of the scenes of sexual exploitation of the victim on the Internet. While the police arrested the culprit after a successful search.
The Der Spiegel website reported Tuesday (October 10, 2017) that German police had arrested a criminal sexually abused a 4-year-old girl. The spokesman for the Center for Combating Cyber ​​Crime, George Enkevok, said the offender comes from the personal environment of the young girl.
The 24-year-old is known to the family of the victim, a German citizen from Lower Saxony. According to the same site, it is the mother's or the victim's relationship, where the victim was sexually abused several times between October 2016 and July 2017. The perpetrator depicted the sexual exploitation and posted it on a pornographic platform on the Internet.
The victim is currently in her mother's house, after the police found her after her photos were published. A psychiatrist examined the victim's police, which at present appears to be in good condition.
On the other hand, investigators went to public opinion to publish a picture of the victim. The Federal Criminal Investigation Office justified this unusual step as the last action to identify the offender. In this regard, George Enkevok explained that this step was taken after all ways failed to arrest the culprit.
The same site confirmed that the offender acted with great caution and did not appear in scenes of sexual exploitation of the victim. Police said that for reasons related to the protection of the girl child was deleted, and demanded the rest of the media to remove the image from the pages.