A Saudi woman retreated from her husband in a hideous way after her husband cheated her on marrying another, so she decided to burn his good as he burned her heart.
A Saudi security source in Bisha police in the Asir region said that on Saturday (October 14th) the competent authorities arrested a woman who poured boiling oil on her husband because of his marriage to one another.
The husband suffered a third degree of burns after his wife poured boiling oil on his body on Thursday. The husband appeared in a video in the hospital where he was receiving treatment, where he groaned from pain in the hospital after burning his back completely.
The newspaper said that the victim is still receiving treatment in the hospital in a unit specialized in treatment of burns, has stabilized his health, as confirmed by the spokesman of the Department of Health in the province of Bisha.
Users of social media sites recorded a video clip of the patient's arrival at the emergency department of the Trinity Hospital, while the Department of Health filed a case against the photographer for violating the privacy of the citizen.