"Accenthen" the best solution for hair loss, how to use it?

At times , you may need to appear different views, using some simple make - up tools, and at other times , you may need a radical change in Atalaltk to feel a sense of different, may need time to change the view of your hair , using links hair any hair wigs or the so - called pal "Extension "He said.
Most Hollywood celebrities and celebrities use hair extensions to appear thick and long hair, but consider choosing wigs very carefully. There are some types of natural and artificial wigs , and there are places that provide quality qualities and other places that provide lower quality, so how to acquire Experience choosing the "extention" hair that suits you?
"Madam Net" will give you details through the following:
1. Select the color of the hair links so that it is close to the color of your hair until your hair appears thick in a natural way.
2. Put your hair into two parts: the bottom part, the upper part, then put the hair clips in the bottom to show your hair long, or place it between the parts if you want to show your hair thick, you can not your hair in the form of a pony tail, Your hair looks as natural as if you were not laying anything.
3. Fake your hair when you feel refreshed , do not worry about using hairpins to get attractive hair, and describe your hair as a brush to get homogenous hair in the same way.
4. Use the serum and oils on your hair to care for it and to look like your natural hair perfectly.
5. Take care of your wig, wash it with shampoo and conditioner, and describe it well, and take care to keep it as long as possible.