Swiss scientists say women are attracted to the smell of men who have a nuclear acid that is compatible with what they have, while men are attracted to the smells of the most fertile women.

Swiss scientists have discovered that the smell of the human body may help him find the love of his life, although the causes vary between men and women.
The results of the Swiss research team indicate that women are attracted to the smell of men, who have a nuclear acid compatible with their existing.
A protein called the "white blood cell antigen" or "HLA" is released when the immune system is under threat, or when distinctive odors emerge.
Researchers at the University of Bern asked 42 women to collect the body odor under their armpits every night. Women were required not to shower or share the bed with anyone else before sampling.
The team involved 84 men in the study, in order to smell smells and arrange samples according to their love. The researchers used blood samples to calculate the level of HLA in participants.
According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the study found that men love some smells more than others, but this had nothing to do with the level of protein in the blood. Instead, men were drawn to the smells of the most fertile women.
These odors were collected in contrast to previous studies, at the height of fertility (ie, immediately before ovulation), when any odor associated with protein must be stronger, according to researchers.
Men can easily distinguish between odors and determine their attractiveness, but this has not been linked to the levels of HLA protein.
Worth mentioning, that earlier this year, research also found that the smell of the body is the key to falling in love.
Polish and Polish scientists say that we form our first impressions of others on the basis of sound and smell, even from a distance.