The Indonesian black chicken, the so-called "Days of Simani" or "Lamborghini," the world's most expensive chicken and egg, is increasingly interested in black and black color covering all of its body and even its flesh and bones.
The Turkish citizen Omit Ogog in the Hira Polo region of the northwestern state of Tekirdag began raising the chickens in his garden as a hobby, along with his main work in marble.
Ovuj said he currently has one dikka and four chickens of the "Yamani Simani" type, which he said was one of the most beautiful chickens in the world.
He added that the color of the chicken "Ayam Simani" and its muscular system and full of its members, including bones, pure black, considering that the flesh is healthy and useful as well.
He pointed out that he began to raise this kind of chickens as a hobby, but he wants to establish a farm to raise him.
He explained that they came from the eggs of the chicken mentioned from Indonesia, and hatching electronically, and now the four chickens are eggs daily 4 eggs and he sells each of them 25 Turkish liras (about $ 7).
On the other hand, the deputy dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Namik Kemal in Tekirdag, Assistant Professor Dougan Naring, said that this strange type of chicken native to Indonesia.
He added that "days" in Indonesian means chicken and "Semani" means black, and first appeared 800 years ago as a result of genetic mutation.
He pointed out that the chickens "Days of Simani" are pure black from feathers and ends to the flesh and bones and even bone marrow.
He stressed that this type began to spread in Europe and America 20 years ago.
He said that the price of one hen up to two thousand and $ 500, and the color of the eggs gray and dark red blood, and the average weight of each of 2 kg, while the rooster weighs 3 kilograms.
He pointed out that the chickens "Days Simani" bleaching annually from 70 to 90 eggs, and hatching should be artificial because their ability to spawn is weak.
It has a good taste, positively affects health, protects the trachea, and increases body immunity to diseases.
According to media reports, this type of chicken is allocated to pregnant women in Indonesia to contain a high proportion of iron, and it is a symbol of strength and wealth.
Black chicken is widely desired by the rich in the United States, China and many parts of the world. Chinese meat is a favorite food for chandeliers after birth, because it regenerates after losing a lot of nutrients during pregnancy.